Something about me.  

My name is Ingo Zeitz and I was born in the beautiful city Cologne. Having scarcely raised my eyes, the dreadful Second World War begun. Cologne was heavily bombed, so we had to move to the Vorderpfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate) where our relatives lived. After the war, we wanted to move back - but where to? Every place was ruined and people who stayed had nothing to eat. Therefore, we went to Bad Godesberg per transport wherefrom we travelled with a horse carriage to the small village Pech. I started school in Pech. Schooldays ended in 1954 and we moved back to Cologne because I was offered an apprenticeship training position at the company “Klöckner Humboldt Deutz AG". Having terminated the apprenticeship in 1957, I passed the exam as engineering fitter-machinist and I volunteered for the then emerging Navy of the Federal Republic of Germany. I committed on official duties for three years and was called up in the summer of 1958. After the end of my period of service, I went to sea for the mercantile marine until 1965 when I returned to civil life. In 1976, I passed the examination for the degree of master (as engineering fitter-machinist). I am married to the best of all wives.


When things were fine...

As a proud pupil

Elementary school in Pech

Us pupils in "designer clothes"

Classroom 1953

Some like it hot...
but have to shovel coal beforehand

1957. Finish! End of apprenticeship

With my dogs