German 2. Landing Squadron

The landing ships had been taken over in the United States and had experienced a lot. Now, they lay in Hamburg and were adjusted to our not yet existing standards. The bigger part of the crew complement was in Borkum where the "Ausbildungskompanie des 2. Landungsgeschwaders " (Training companie of the 2. Landing Squadron)  was compiled in the former barracks of the flying squadron. During the reconstruction, we lived in the office-block of the Stülcken-shipyard. That wasn’t a problem at normal office hours, because during that time, we annoyed the shipyard workers who converted our boats. In the evening however, we were at close quarters, so we went to St. Pauli. Reeperbahn, Große Freiheit, Davidstraße and last but not least Herbertstraße were our preferred stations. When the reconstruction was terminated at the end of may 1959, we could finally assume our boats. “L753 VIPER”, ex LSM 558, became my home for the following two years.