(Naval College, engineering department)

After four hard months of basic training, I had to pack my kitbag. I travelled to Bremerhaven where I went to school for the following four months. There I was taught lots of useful things: how electrcity works, what diesel engines look like from the inside, what steam-power can do. And this was the blowoff: We had to disassembly a huge diesel engine completely… and had to assemble it afterwards. Oddly enough, it didn’t happen that way. Maybe the particles still lie about there today. Even after official hours, Bremerhaven had much to offer. There were lots of things to see. At the fishing harbour, one could observe the unshipping and of the accoutring of the fishing trawlers. At the Kolumbuskaje, big passenger liners like the “United States” or the “America” moored. For us, it was a place of pilgrimage because “Elvis the king” had recently entered German ground right there. American forces were based in the city and the relevant pubs invited to high life. In the evening, we went  into a bar named "Dschungelboot" (jungle boat)  and drank bottled beer: We felt like real mariners already. At the end of the second course of instruction, we were promoted. As a proud private, I went to Hamburg to start my on-board command on the  “2. Landungsgeschwader”. (Second Landing Squadron)

Decampment to daily instruction

Simply looking out of the window

It has snown in Bremerhaven…

time for big washing