(Naval Teaching Companie Logistics)

After closely two years time on board, having the end of my time of service before my eyes, I was dislocated to the Technische Marineschule I in Kiel (Naval College, engineering department I ) to attend a advanced course for engineers. This training course took six months. Since there were only four months left, I had a problem. I was asked to commit myself for a longer time. Having considered the matter, I decided against the navy. I didn’t participate in the training course but was dislocated to Putlos to the Logistik Lehrkompanie See. (Companie for logistics exercises) Putlos is near Oldenburg in Holstein, not far from the little baltic port Heiligenhafen. This is to say: in the middle of nowhere. The company consisted of about fifty people, two small landing crafts (LCM 3), several amphibian vehicles (DUKW), some trucks, Mungas (off-road vehicle), Borgward-Kübel (military utility vehicle) and was placed in an airforce barracks. The small landing crafts were situated in a small, private shipyard in Heiligenhafen-Ortmühle. We, the boat-crew, were on duty at the station. That means, in the morning, we went to the boats per Borgward-Kübel and bummed around all day. Summer came, it was getting warm, the Baltic Sea invited to bathing trips. We had a nice time. When it was time to say goodbye, I almost regretted my decision. So my period of service at the navy of the Federal Republic of Germany ended after exactly three years. After having stayed at home for a while, I became itchy feet. So I travelled around the world for some time with the Christliche Seefahrt ( german mercantile marine)


Small shipyard in Heiligenhafen

LCM in the lock chamber

Checking fuel requirement

Vehicles of the Logistik Lehrkompanie See